heal with heat



7 Sauna Health Benefits

1.   Effective Against Chronic Pain: Studies on infrared saunas have shown joint pain reduced between 40-60% on some patients. Recovering from an injury or suffering from chronic pain or Fibromyalgia – jump in and feel the heat!

2.    Improves Sleep! Clinical Symptoms associated with Dyspnea, insomnia and fatigue wer improved in patients following a 2 week sauna treatment.

3.   Increased Physical Performance: jump in the sauna post workout.  This study show those that sweated it out for 30 mins after a workout were able to increase the time to run until exhaustion by 32% compared to the baseline.

4.   Cardiovascular Strength: In a Finnish Study conducted over a 20 year period on more than 3400 men aged between 42-60 years old regular sauna use has proven to have a reductive and protective effect against… Sudden Cardiac Death, Cardiovascular Diseases and Coronary Heart Disease TIP: Saunas are a great way to fight against high blood pressure.

5.   Increased Detoxification: a study conducted on Utah police Officers suffering from toxicity related chronic-illnesses due to extended exposure to chemical compounds has shown promising resulted when using an Infrared Sauna – Based Therapy. Infrared dry Sauna sessions helped with:

Immune system deficiency
Respiratory Issues
Cognitive Issues
GI issues
Neurological Issues
Emotional Issues

6.   Neurogenesis {creation of new cells} Regular sauna use is associated with an increased capacity to generate new cells in the body leading to better memory, blood flow to skeletal muscles and tissues and higher blood cell counts.

7.   Stress + Anxiety Reduction: Exposure to sauna heat stimulates endorphins production in the brain and helps with releasing excess tension in the muscles. It has also shown to be beneficial in maintaining healthy levels of cortisol {stress hormones}