Cafes and Lattes


I am obsessed with warm mugs of goodness. It started at a young age for me – watching my dad set the coffee pot on a timer the night before an early work day, coming in from the snow to a hot cup of cocoa, or my mom bringing me tea on those dreaded sick days.

I learned that herbal teas played a big part in how I felt, and it was here that started me on the path I’m on to this day – yearning and learning to understand God’s medicine cabinet and how amazingly well it works with the body.

Today my love of warm drinks has led me to love small quaint cafés that offer wholesome foods and the ambiance of the locals slowing down for a hot cup of joe or a yummy bite to eat. My favorite little café – Espresso Yourself Café – is about 25 minutes from my home in a very small town in Perry County, Pennsylvania.

There is a comfort in knowing when I walk in the servers know me by name – and my order, which has all kinds of custom exceptions.  Gluten free, dairy free.. ya know the drill. But somehow they remember it and ask: “Is it the usual”?

Impressive, right?

It’s strange how the café  atmosphere can change up your day.  How a warm beverage can soothe the soul and quiet the mind.  Equally strange is that the owner, nor the employees, know how much their presence and kind spirits impact every single person that walks through their doors.

I love this cafe and its inviting atmosphere so much that some days I make it my office. Working in my oversized sweats and moccasins from home is a luxury that isn’t lost on me, but the change of pace the cafe offers me is a welcome one.  It’s a chance to get dressed, glam up and get inspired.

Total opposite of working from home, yet total comfort all the same.

Do you have a favorite café? A favorite hot drink?  If you have never ventured into a local café or tried a special latte, cappuccino or cup of joe – sister you’re missing out! Grab a friend, a family member or co-worker and give it a try!

Happy Sipping!