November 25, 2019

 Cafes and Lattes

I am obsessed with warm mugs of goodness. It started at a young age for me – watching my dad set the coffee pot on a timer the night before an early work day, coming in from the snow to a hot cup of cocoa, or my mom bringing me tea on those dreaded sick days.

I learned that herbal teas played a big part in how I felt, and it was here that started me on the path I’m on to this day – yearning and learning to understand God’s medicine cabinet and how amazingly well it works with the body.

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It’s like a swear word.  Some hate it. Some love it. Some use it as therapy. Some view it as the enemy.  While it might be a word most of us don’t like, it’s essential – like air and water.

The “epidemic of sitting” has gotten so bad that it is now being compared to smoking – even going so far as being dubbed with the title “Sitting is the New Smoking”.

It seems crazy that sitting can be just as harmful to our health as smoking, but research has shown that habitual inactivity increases our risk for obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, deep-vein thrombosis, and even metabolic syndrome – yikes!

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Warm drinks and cozy sweaters aside, fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  It’s as if the whole world begins to prepare for something – not the same thing, but some thing.

Growing up in my family, the thing was hunting. Each year, just as Mother Earth began to display her majestic colors in the mountains, my dad would begin preparing to be lethal in the woods.  Archery shoots, scouting for the first signs of deer in the woods, spot lighting and gearing up – it was all leading up to the opening day of archery season.

I watched this process with great wonder throughout my youth, but quickly fell in love with the excitement it brought to the men in my world.  I would wait by the window in the morning to see if there was a trophy to be brought home – meat to fill the freezer and a story to tell that would get better with each rendition.

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Whether real or perceived, it wreaks havoc on our body. That chronic tension, head, neck or shoulder pain that plagues you?  Likely a side effect from the activation of our Sympathetic Nervous System {aka our Fight or Flight response}.

Stressful situations, while unavoidable, cause immediate physiological changes in our body – both seen and unseen.  Hormonally, epinephrine circulates to sharpen the senses – the heart beats faster, the lungs expand and the pupils dilate {meaning extra light enters the retina and can later result in light sensitivity and headaches}.  Your brain signals your adrenal system to kick into high gear, pulling the building blocks away from necessary hormones {like estrogen and progesterone} and towards the production of cortisol.

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As a little girl, I spent countless evenings watching my momma replace her makeup with wonderful smelling creams and secret concoctions – secret because she insisted that I didn’t need them yet.  The fact that these creams weren’t for me made me want them even more! I would sneak into her bag of goodness, crawl up on the counter, and mimic her actions, rubbing a little dot of that cream in just the right places.   I always wondered why she went through so many steps just to go to bed.  But I also knew that whatever my mom did, I wanted to do too. She was beautiful and I wanted to look just like her one day.

I have followed the path that my momma modeled for me – nourishing my skin with beauty secrets and formulas – and now the legacy of beauty-secret-loving-ladies continues on with my girls.  I truly believe that ‘more is caught than taught’ in life, and an important beauty secret for my girls – daughters and friends alike – to catch is choosing products that are clean.

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