It’s like a swear word.  Some hate it. Some love it. Some use it as therapy. Some view it as the enemy.  While it might be a word most of us don’t like, it’s essential – like air and water.

The “epidemic of sitting” has gotten so bad that it is now being compared to smoking – even going so far as being dubbed with the title “Sitting is the New Smoking”.

It seems crazy that sitting can be just as harmful to our health as smoking, but research has shown that habitual inactivity increases our risk for obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, deep-vein thrombosis, and even metabolic syndrome – yikes!

While exercise isn’t the perfect trade off for ten hours of sitting, it can be hugely beneficial to our mental and physical well-being.  The key is finding the right form of exercise or movement – the kind that you actually enjoy!

I have always made exercise a priority in my life.  For years this looked like at home programs, many of which I really loved.  However, over time I began to develop aches and pains, likely due to overexertion and heavy weights.  While I understood that small muscle tearing during exercise is normal – and actually necessary for our muscles to grow – a steady increase in back pain is not normal.

After one pretty severe back injury from a workout with heavy weights, I knew it was time to find something different.  My friend Erin asked me to join her at a Pure Barre class, and I agreed – fully anticipating that it would be easy, and I would be the star of the class.  I mean the max weights used were 3lbs – I was used to cranking out workouts with 20lb weights in each hand.

I was thoroughly humbled.

Those measly 3lb weights and miniscule movements were causing both of my arms to cramp up.  I was fascinated – truly fascinated – that my thighs, glutes and core were all shaking.  The instructor was telling us to embrace that shake because it meant our body was changing.  And so I did.

I was immediately hooked and constantly looking for that “Pure Barre shake”.

The longer I attended, the more I began to understand the Pure Barre method – that positioning was key.  I began to develop long, lean muscles in a very strong, feminine way. My back began to heal and I was consistently getting stronger.  My problem areas were shaping up like never before. My booty, which had started navigating down my leg, began to perk up and reveal the curves I’d always longed for.  My entire core – a trouble area for most of us mommas after having babies – finally strengthened and even began to reveal those abs I’d been missing {yasss}!

It was the most addicting, effective workout program I’d ever tried.  I’ll never go back – I will forever be a BARRE junkie and lift, tone, and burn will continue to be three of my favorite words.

While Barre might be my preferred form of exercise, I realize it won’t be for everyone.  I also realize that jumping into a strenuous, group fitness setting might be intimidating, and if that’s true then don’t do it yet.  There is no better expert in all things you, than you.

But sister, you have to start somewhere. Get the sun and fresh air in your face.  Break up the hours of sitting with stretching and walking. Ask a friend to attend a class with you. Don’t have high expectations of yourself and take bite size goals at first.  Don’t let your mind be your enemy – know that you can and you will achieve the goals you set for yourself. And don’t forget to enjoy the process.

Persistence and consistency will pay off over time.

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