Whether real or perceived, it wreaks havoc on our body. That chronic tension, head, neck or shoulder pain that plagues you?  Likely a side effect from the activation of our Sympathetic Nervous System {aka our Fight or Flight response}.

Stressful situations, while unavoidable, cause immediate physiological changes in our body – both seen and unseen.  Hormonally, epinephrine circulates to sharpen the senses – the heart beats faster, the lungs expand and the pupils dilate {meaning extra light enters the retina and can later result in light sensitivity and headaches}.  Your brain signals your adrenal system to kick into high gear, pulling the building blocks away from necessary hormones {like estrogen and progesterone} and towards the production of cortisol.

Now that your body is on high alert, it must decide if it’s going to fight – causing your shoulders to tense and round forward pulling your head along with them – or if it’s going to flee – causing your calf muscles, hamstrings and Achilles tendons to tighten in order to run.

Sounds like a lot of work for you body, right?

We all encounter stress in our daily lives, and have accepted that as the norm.  I am someone who has always been prone to stressing out over all the things, but the older I get the less resilient I seem to be!  Now instead of bouncing back from a stressful event, I get extremely fatigued. My adrenals don’t have much left to help me.

Can you relate?

Whether young or old, child or elderly, we all have room to improve in how we respond to stress.  After years of constantly calling on my adrenals to help me make it through various situations, I am now focused on rebuilding them. I have developed my own protocol to help support my body adapt to whatever comes my way.  No matter your age, there is still time to help your body as well!

Adaptiv Capsules
This unique capsule has oils and plant botanicals to calm the crazy.  Let me hit on a few of the key points to the benefits of this powerhouse:

Ahi Flower – This plant is rich in omega 3’s and 6’ {specifically the essential fatty acid GLA}, but richer still in plant omegas like steardonic acid than any other natural plant source. GLA is known to help with hormonal balance, skin health and anti-inflammatory support.

GABA – This is a quieting neurotransmitter.  It helps put the brakes on in the brain when our minds start going over and over things making them worse than they actually are.  This reduces mental and physical strain in our body.

Sceltium – This botanical extract comes from a South African plant called Kanna.  We call it “alert serenity”, it allows our body to settle but to be awake and calm.

Adapativ Roll On
Apply topically to the body to adapt and regroup amidst stressful situations.  This pre-diluted, 8-oil blend contains Wild orange, Lavender, Copaiba, Spearmint, Magnolia, Rosemary, Neroli and Sweetgum for a significant reduction in emotional overload. Fans have been raving over this blend since its introduction in mid-September!

Adaptiv Oil
Contains the same oils as the roll on but is undiluted and meant to be used in a diffuser to have a consistent feed of oil into the air allowing your limbic system to rest in the relaxing aroma. This trio system will give you the best results when used together.

Copaiba softgels | Turmeric duo caps
With Stress comes inflammation.  Inflammation is the root cause of all disease.  These two capsules contain all the goodness to help decrease inflammation and allow our bodies to work at a greater capacity for healing.

Clary Calm
This is my everyday oil for my shoulders and neck. It is a blend formulated specifically for women but it literally is my best friend.  It helps to calm and balance heightened emotions and also works to relax my muscles in my neck and shoulders.

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